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Fresh Dry Sea Scallops

Nothing compares to the crispy sear and translucent, succulent goodness of our wild-caught and chemical-free sea scallops sustainably harvested from the Gulf of Maine. While smaller scallops work best for tantalizing appetizers, larger scallops are perfect for wholesome entrees.

Giant Sea Scallops - U-8 - 1 lb (Diver Scallops)

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We harvest our giant U-8 sea scallops from the North Atlantic waters. Their size helps them pack the succulent goodness. Broil them, grill them, or sear them; they’re a perfect addition to your meal.

$69.99 $36.50

Jumbo Sea Scallops - U-10- 1 lb (Diver Scallops)

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Devour the sweet, succulent, and tender meat of our jumbo sea scallops. Pair them with a butter-poached lobster tail, and you’ll have a hearty seafood dinner. You’ll get 8 to 10 scallops per pound.

$49.99 $32.99

Large Sea Scallops - 10/20 - 1 lb

Dive In!

Our large sea scallops are a catch for all fitness fanatics. Their high protein and low-fat content makes them perfect for searing and grilling. You’ll get 10 to 20 scallops per pound.

$39.99 $27.99

Sea Scallops - 20/30 - 1 lb

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A side of seared sea scallops topped with melted butter can elevate your dinner party up a notch. Our chemical-free and sustainably harvested scallops are a catch! You’ll get 20 to 30 scallops per pound.

$37.99 $21.50

Applewood Smoked Bacon Wrapped Scallops - 12 Count

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Our applewood smoked bacon-wrapped scallops are the perfect starter for any corporate event. Their elevated look and taste can tantalize a person’s tastebud, exciting them for what’s more to come.

$39.99 $25.50
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