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Westminster Oyster Crackers

Iconic, Live Maine Lobster. Today’s Fresh Price. Guaranteed Alive. Caught in Maine Waters. Fresh every day.

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Deliver a salty crunch alongside your signature soups and stews with a packet of these deliciously petite Westminster oyster crackers! These oyster crackers have a salty flavor and flaky texture that pairs well with a variety of soups, from classic tomato soup to a zesty chili. Top a bowl of hearty gumbo, New England clam chowder or rich seafood bisque with a packet of oyster crackers to add a satisfying crunch. Unlike full-sized crackers, customers won't have to crumble these smaller oyster crackers into their soups, making them the perfect size for texture in every spoonful.

Individually packaged into 0.5 oz. portions, these oyster crackers provide a sanitary serving option with built-in portion control for your establishment. Each individual pack can be easily served tableside or offered as a ready-to-eat snack for on-the-go and take-out customers. No matter the serving style, these crackers will keep your customers feeling content.

Originating in Westminster, Massachusetts, Westminster Bakers Co. is committed to baking wholesome, hearty crackers in traditional New England style. They use the same natural ingredients that were found in their premier recipe nearly 200 years ago, ensuring quality and consistency in each delicious bite. Delivering a satisfyingly thick, crunchy texture and savory, salty flavor, your customers will be pleased by everything that Westminster Bakers Co. has to offer.

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