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Maine Wild Blue Berries



*Taste – Wild blueberries have better flavor: a more intense sweetness with a balanced tartness compared to cultivated blueberries.

*Size – Wild blueberries are naturally smaller and more compact (less water content) than cultivated blueberries, which means you get more berries per pound.

*Performance – Wild blueberries hold their shape, texture and color through a variety of baking and cooking processes; they are beautiful AND flavorful in cocktails, smoothies, salsas, sauces, baked goods, desserts, etc., etc. They also freeze very well!

WILD: Wild blueberries are the naturally occurring low-bush blueberries that have been growing in Maine, Quebec and the Maritime Provinces for over 10,000 years. Unlike cultivated blueberries, the wild ones are not planted. They spread naturally and slowly, and today’s fields are managed to maintain healthy plants and abundant production of fruit.


Maine Classic Whoopie Pie - 5.5 oz

How Sweet It is!

There are many fascinating symbols of the great state of Maine, from the majestic Eastern White Pine tree to the delicate flutter of the Black-capped Chickadee; perhaps the tastiest one is the iconic Whoopie pie, a true Maine delicacy. These dark, delicious sandwiches of rich cake, are filled with the perfect ratio of rich, sweet filling. There is a bit of mystery shrouding the sweet innocence of this Maine-made treat- and it primarily revolves around the actual origin of this decadent dessert. It is clear that Mainers have been enjoying the Whoopie pie for years and years- and its popularity only seems to increase over time!

Whoopie pies are found in bakeries, eateries, and trading posts widely, but its roots in Maine go back generations. This delicious and simple pastry has never quite been classified exclusively as a cookie, a pie, or a cake. The unique versatility of the Whoopie pie fits the criteria for all of these goodies, and it seems to stand in a category all its own. Despite this ambiguity, the state dubbed the Whoopie pie to be the official state treat in 2011.

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