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Top 8 Interesting Maine Lobster Facts

Published May 26th, 2021 by Contentdevpros

Live Maine lobster

Homarus Americanus is an American lobster present on the North American east coast, from North Carolina to Newfoundland. Maine lobster is the most delicious and found in the most abundance. Here are some interesting facts about Maine lobster. 

1. Lobsters were despised in the past.

As lobsters were available in abundance, they were shunned by society and deemed as a poor man's food. During the colonial era, only slaves and paupers were relegated to eating this abundant crustacean. The remaining lobster was fed to the pigs. 

2. Live lobsters don't survive in freshwater.

You don't want your lobster to die in a pot in your kitchen while your water is boiling. Plunging a live lobster into a freshwater container can drown the crustacean. Furthermore, if you boil your lobster after it has died, it will give you tough and bland meat. 

3. Female lobsters carry their eggs on the outside.

The opportunity for female lobsters to mate is limited. Because of that, during the breeding season, they aggressively look for males. After that, they carry the sperm and can decide when they want to fertilize their eggs. If the conditions are warm, she can carry the eggs for up to a year. They carry the eggs on their tail, and they appear as a dark line.

4. Wild lobsters are found in different colors naturally.

Most of the live lobsters are found in shades of blue and green. All these colors are heat sensitive and tend to turn red. That's why a cooked lobster is red after it comes out of the boiling water. 

Cooked lobster turned red

5. Lobsters are bottom dwellers.

Lobsters usually eat bottom feeders like snails, clams, and crabs. 

6. Lobsters can live up to a century.

If a lobster can successfully molt, there's no reason the lobsters can't live for years to come. It's improbable that a lobster won't get hunted down. But in a perfect scenario, lobsters can live up to 100 years and grow as long as 4 ft. 

7. Lobster is incredibly healthy.

Whether you're fighting amenia or trying to build muscle, eating lobster is the best way to go about it. Lobsters are loaded with healthy omega-3 fatty acids and recommended daily intake of iron and protein.

8. Lobsters are fascinating crustaceans.

If you're someone who's fascinated by a strange creature, you'd love these facts about Maine lobsters:

  • Lobsters have clear blood, which turns gelatinous when cooked.
  • Lobsters are called 'bugs' as they look like ants and grasshoppers.
  • During the molting season, the caught lobsters are called shell-less lobsters, and their meat is delectable.
  • While lobsters don't have teeth, their pincers are powerful. So, beware.

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