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Who We Are

Who We Are

person wearing orange gloves clipping a lobsterMaine Lobster Company™, receives our first -class lobsters from local lobster fishermen at the Marine Trade Center on famed Portland Fish Pier, Portland Maine - our home daily. As part of our commitment to a higher standard in the lobster industry, our products are primarily caught by partnered lobster fishermen who share our values and unload at our docks.

Maine Lobster Company™ strives to source as much as possible from local boats. All the captains maintain the highest possible standards on board each vessel and lobster responsibility and according to Federal and State Regulations. When you choose Maine Lobster Company™, you’re choosing clean, great tasting handpicked lobster. All possible because of the support of the fleet and local lobster fishermen that serve us.

Maine Lobster Company™ is a supplier of daily U.S. domestic North Atlantic fresh grade A-Premium hard-shell and all lobster types.

Our job is to help grow our customers' lobster business. When you work with us, we guarantee a comprehensive experience upheld by our support system. That includes quality support for you, your chefs, customers or whoever else might need something when working with us.

Our support system includes:

  • A friendly and knowledgeable team
  • Dedicated customer support
  • A customized POS and or sales presentation.

From food service companies and distributors to your favorite restaurant or to your home, Maine Lobster Company™ is found across North America and around the world.

Maine Lobster Company™ is more than a lobster company- it's a connection to the ocean, a relationship to where your food comes from, and a right to enjoy simpler, healthier real food at you or your customer's table. With every purchase, you're driving positive change in our ocean and celebrating lobster men who harvest responsibly.

Our promise to you means:

We carefully select the lobster we source using our sustainability assessment- betting gear types, management structures, population, monitoring, habitat impact, and social economic conditions- to ensure the highest quality most responsibly sourced lobster. every time.

As innovators, we believe in a better way of doing business- one that's built on honesty, integrity, and authenticity. These values are core to our core to transparent supply chain in our commitment to our story behind the lobster.

Every lobster we source and story we tell not only promotes lobstering communities doing the right thing but incentivize others to do the same. That means every dollar spent on Maine Lobster Company™ empowers lobster men to harvest responsibly in their communities and gives you the power to help drive positive change in our oceans.

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Quick delivery

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Genuine Quality

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