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We are constantly looking at ways to ensure we make ecologically and ethically sound choices to ensure we conserve ocean resources for all future generations. By joining and supporting organizations that are dedicated to the same goal, we can remain on the frontier of ocean sustainability now and in the future.

Maine Lobster Company™'s success is rooted in thoughtful conservation. The state of Maine passed country’s first sustainability law in 1879, which established the lower threshold on legal size, requiring lobster fishermen to throw back small lobsters. Efforts to maintain a healthy lobster population have grown ever since. Nowadays sustainability measures are integrated into every step of the lobster ring process. In order to make healthy decisions about what we eat, we must know where our food come from and how it’s been harvested and handled. We are proud to be able to trace every pound of lobster we serve back to where it was sustainably caught and to support the lobster fishermen we know and trust.

Industry Affiliations

Maine Lobster Company is an active participant in the lobster industry promoting responsible fishing practices, an improved business climate for Maine lobster dealers and processors, coordinated marketing efforts and essential scientific research to maintain our sustainable lobster resource for years to come.

Marine Stewardship Council – MSC

The Marine Stewardship Council is the world’s leading certification and ecolabelling program for sustainable seafood. Look for the blue MSC ecolabel when shopping or dining out. The Maine lobster fishery has received MSC certification as a sustainable and well-managed fishery.

Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative

The Maine Lobster Marketing Collaborative markets and promotes Maine lobster in local, regional, national and world markets.

Maine Lobster Dealers’ Association

Founded in 1985, MLDA advocates and serves as the primary media and communications contact for lobster dealers, processors and wholesalers in the state of Maine.

Maine Department of Marine Resources

Maine DMR provides information about related legislation, public hearings, recreational and commercial fishing, and native species.

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